About us

First let me introduce my company SN tech s.r.o. which was established in 2011 as a company with specialization in ski materials.
SN tech s.r.o. produce ski jumping shoes, roller skis and rustles in-run tracks. We can offer an accommodation for ski clubs and individual sportsmen in a private pension U skokana too. In a short time we are going to get more ski products on the market. Are you interested in how we do it? Let's take a look!

About me

My name is Stanislav Jirásek and I'm for nearly 50 years member of ski jumping- and nordic combined sport.
After the end of my active sports career I started coaching nordic combined and ski jumping in my home-town Machov (Ski club BKL Machov). After this I was a coach of the Czech university team.
Actually besides business I work in my home ski club BKL Machov and I cooperate with Italian ski jumping A-team. I love biking and roller skiing. My active sports life is a reason why I established my company SN tech s.r.o.
I'm looking forward to your interest. I 'm prepared to fulfill your demands.

Kind regards
Stanislav Jirásek
SN tech s.r.o. Hradec Králové